I can't help thinking back on the Thanksgiving gatherings from my younger years.
Looking back at pictures of all of the uncles on my mom's side of the family gathered in my grandparents living room. EVERY adult smoking something!
But, as I got older, I was eventually invited into the card ga…
At Least Do This
If mom is slaving away in the kitchen all day preparing a feast for kings, the least you could do for her are the dishes. That's a must at our house, and its worth it. The food is awesome and it's the worst dish day of the year. Give her a break, she deserves it; Happy Thanksgiving and we&…
A feast fit for a king
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Thanksgiving is almost here and if you're like my family you are planning a big get together with all of your favorite foods.
Time To Clean The Fridge
Today is National Clean Out The Fridge Day. Normally, these National Whatever Days seem arbitrary and silly, but it actually makes sense cleaning out your fridge the week before Thanksgiving so you can load it up with American sized portions of comfort food and be ready for your carb induced coma ne…
Flakesgiving Week Continues
If you were tuned in this morning with the Flakes, you heard "We Are Family", "Cats In The Cradle" and "twenty Years Ago". All songs requested by folks who gave us large donations. And thank you very much.
We also got an I.O.U. from a family who i…
We feed people this week. Flakesgiving is about families having their Thanksgiving meal together at home. And not have to go out for it.
Still Eating On Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?
I look forward to the big Thanksgiving meal but I also look forward to the day after and having it all for leftovers but there comes a time, about four days later, when Thanksgiving leftovers are no longer exciting. In fact, they have to go because if I eat one more deviled egg I might die...
Happy Thanksgiving
I hope each one of you out there will be able to put all things on hold Thursday to enjoy time with your family and recharge your batteries.  I think a break from everything going on in this crazy world would do us all some good.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...
I Love A Parade
Tomorrow morning I'm going to drink a lot of coffee and then when our daughter gets up, we're going to watch the Macy's Parade. I always loved it when I was little. And this is a tradition I'm passing on.
I also need to teach her to to eat the cranberry sauce right out of the…

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