With our Tax Refund Contest going on, it actually made me wonder "How would I spend $1,000 here in Billings"?  Well....here's how I would do it.

First and foremost i would have to take care of the kids.  My daughter loves music and is always in need of some kind of sheet music.  So I would probably end up spending at least $100 at Hansen's Music on Grand Ave. to feed her wonderful (she really is a fantastic piano player) musical talent.

Now my oldest son, 10, is a sports fanatic.  Football, baseball, you name the sport, he loves it.  He also happens, in my opinion, to be very good at them as well.  Which is absolutely nothing like me.  So I would definitely need to swing by Scheels or some such place to get him the newest in baseball pants (the season is just getting started), socks, cleets, gloves... pretty much the whole works.  Probably setting me back $100-$200.

Now my youngest child, 6, loves music, sports and video games and pretty much everything his older brother does too.  So a trip to a toy store is just what he'd love.  Now add $100 to the total.

Is it my turn yet? Nope, probably not.  Not yet, at least.  My husband has always liked the newest and most technologically frustrating devices that are to be found.  I already know that he'd like to get the newest IPOD Touch.  That or maybe just a few new games for the PlayStation 3.  So either way...this sets me back about $200.

Now its my turn and I've got about $400 for me.  Hey!  This is easy, peasy.  I would go to one of my favorite salons in town, The Ritzz Salon and get my hair done(cut, color, style!), a pedicure and a massage!  Then with whatever is left over, I would take myself and family out to a great meal! That should just about eat up the $400.  But what a wonderful few  hours I would have!

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I would spend $1,000 right here in Billings!

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