I was so bummed the other day when I ran over to Laurel and noticed that the Owl Cafe was closed down and for sale. I realize that this is old news for those that live in Laurel or those that go to Laurel frequently, but I don't make it over there very often and just saw this the other day. I'm super sad about the Owl closing. I had many, many breakfast, lunches and dinners there.  Even a few Christmas Dinners when I was single and couldn't go home to Havre to see my family for the holiday.

Another connection to the Owl Cafe is that my Aunt Lillian worked there for many years.  One of our special times as a family would be to drive over to Laurel just to go to the Owl Cafe for breakfast; the kids loved it.

On another note, Kathy (who had the Owl, so sad to hear of her passing a few years ago) was a friend of my Aunt Lillian's. As I was staring at the Owl Cafe all locked up, I couldn't help but take another look at Sunny O'Days next door (that's been closed forever). My dad and Sunny were friends back in the day when my dad lived here in Billings and then he would go visit Sunny every time he and my mom would come to town. Sunny was a legendary Montana boxer. My dad was a huge fan and also a boxing coach. I'm guessing that is what bridged their friendship. Such great memories that my dad and aunt shared with us as kids about the Owl Cafe and Sunny O'Days. So much history at 203 East Main Street in Laurel.

I hope someone will buy the building and reopen the cafe.  It would be super cool if they bought Sunny O'Days and reopened them together.


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