I hit the Farmers Market in downtown every Saturday morning. Unfortunately most mornings I don't get there early enough to get my pick of the awesome heirloom tomatoes. This last Saturday was the exception though and you can see my haul in the photo above. The pointy one actually looks like a pepper but it was a sweet juicy tomato... one of the best I've ever eaten and it made for a great caprese salad. The dark ones are Indigo Rose tomatoes and are slightly tart yet still sweet. I could eat a dozen in one sitting easily.

If you haven't been yet I'd encourage you to stop by this Saturday. The produce is of the highest quality, you'll be supporting our local farmers and the fact that it's not processed, packaged and shipped from some other part of the country means that it's great for the environment and your health. For instance, did you know that because bees use the pollens we're exposed to locally that eating their honey is one of the best ways to treat your allergies. I actually picked up that tip from a lady at a poker tournament I played in years ago... and it works! See you this Saturday!

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