After nine years of having a second home in Bozeman, it's finally time to part ways. It's probably one of the best moves we ever made when we decided to buy in 2012.

I knew I wanted to buy a new home so it would be nice when it was time to sell. After working for the days getting the house empty and shined up, I strolled out to the street at sunrise on Saturday and took this picture. It was kind of sad knowing that it was time. It served its purpose helping to educate three kids and move them on to their next adventures. It provided them the kind of home that made it easier.

Sure, the investment was smart, but the fact that they still had a family-type setting (without parents) was good. The kids were even sad to know that where they had so many fond memories would now be someone else's story. It's always hard to let go of things like a home, or at least, it is for me. I have trouble getting rid of cows that have been around for a while, but that's life. She served us well and now just the memories remain and a garage full of furniture. Beds, couches, lazy boys, kitchen table, etc.

By the way, if you have kids up there in Bozeman with apartments and they need that kind of stuff, let me know. It's the end of August clearance sale and everything MUST GO. Bozeman has sure changed over the last ten years. Some call it Bozangeles now, but we'll never forget the last ten years. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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