Well I don't about you, but when I first walked into Walmart right after Christmas and saw that they already had Valentine's Day items out, it reminded me of all the reasons I dislike Valentine's Day.

I know it sounds harsh, but I've got reasons.  Well, mainly I've just had a bad run of things in regards to that lovey, dovey day.  Although, I do feel that it's become so commercialized and designed around sales for businesses, that the true meaning has become somewhat(and I used this term lightly) obscured.

I must say that someone up above must have been looking out for me about 10 years ago though and saved me from years of celebrating this awful day alone or depressed.   What could I be talking about, you ask?  My oldest son was born on February 14th!  Although Chucky Cheese wasn't really what I had planned for, time spent watching my son have fun with his friends (and me of course) was even better.

So anyways, I  got a little off track here.  I've been thinking of doing a special write up of awful Valentine's Day stories.  Or something like "Valentine's Day' gone wrong".  But I need your input and help.  Comment below and let me know if you think I should.  It might be only one story, or it could be many stories.  Heck, maybe we could include YOUR stories.  Either way, you've got to let me know!




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