The difference between now and then:

First, when jobs were scarce, everybody was applying for the ones that were open; now the person seeking the job has so many options that employers are screwed.

If the person has their feelers hurt they just quit and move on to the next one. I would hate to be an employer these days.

Eight o'clock doesn't mean eight o'clock anymore, you just get there when you get there and start from there. If the person even just shows up for the day it's a win for the business.

Don't forget now about breakfast time. Now, rather than getting up early and having your breakfast before work, you sleep till the last minute and have food and coffee at work because you just can't get going for some reason.

Back then everyone fought for overtime hours so you could make bank, the extra money was a perk. Now it's leaving at 4:30 ish to beat traffic or whoever wants to leave early has a waiting list.

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Plus the worker competition among employers has put the job seeker in the driver's seat now and has driven costs up for everything. People have too many options now if they don't work and no one is getting hungry anymore.

People always ask me why I don't have anyone to help me out at the ranch. I couldn't put up with today's work ethics and like many of you by the time you get them trained they move on to something else.

It definitely is a worker's market right now but if you have a good job do everything to keep it and count your blessings because someday it will change.

You'll be the one that gets to keep working.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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