I'm behind her 100 percent and it's finally time to get it changed.

Missouri Senator Holly Thompson Rehder wants all marriages of minors banned. We're talking about these children that are 16 years old and yes, they are still children. Kids at 16 can't get a place to live or even buy a cigarette, and they're ready for marriage? NO WAY. If it doesn't work out, you can't even sue for divorce until the age of 18 on your own.

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She said that marriage has been used by adults to shield them against criminal charges for sexually abusing minors too. There are currently 12 states that do NOT allow kids to marry at 16. In Montana, we still allow it with parental permission which could even make it worse if people just want the kid out of the house.

Kids really aren't ready to be parents at that age either, and how are they going to support a marriage when they are still in high school, hopefully?

We live in different times now than they did in 1910 when most people were dying by 40 on the plains. I don't know any 16-year-old who is even close enough maturity-wise for marriage. Then what if they get pregnant? Now they have a family at 16 and 17 which will only compound the problem. The age of 18 should be the minimum, period, and even that seems young by today's standards.

I'll even take it one more step: in today's society, most people aren't mature enough for something like marriage until they are 25. I know there are some exceptions, but we're talking about in general. It's time for a common sense law...

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