Above is a picture of 2 people I imagine are keeping their New Year's resolution. I haven't been nearly as successful. Here are all of the resolutions I've broken already in no particular order:

-Workout every day. I haven't gone to the gym once.
-No more soda. I've probably had a dozen already.
-Go to bed by 11pm every night so I feel rested the next day. I've been up until nearly 1am every night this week... sometimes later.
-Eat healthier. I've had 4 hot dogs in the last 24 hours and had onion rings and fried pickles at a well known sports bar on Montana Ave. while watching the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.
-Other than work try to do something productive. I've pretty much been playing Polar Bowler on my iPhone during my free time.

A new study showed that only 8% of Americans actually are able to keep their New Year's resolutions for an entire year. Here's hoping you're one of them. Good Luck!

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