Working out is a pain in the butt. It's time consuming, results come slowly even to the most dedicated and it's not fun. But you feel pretty good about yourself after sticking to it for awhile and seeing real results. So imagine how sick to my stomach I was when, after I moved and got out of my routine for 5 weeks, that I had gained 17 pounds.

That's almost half of what it took me a year and a half to lose. When I started I was 245 and at my best I was down to 209. When I moved I was 211 lbs and at the start of this week... after 5 weeks of being a lazy butt and drinking extra large blended mocha's I'm back up to 228. I'll be if I didn't drink a single blended mocha and worked out for an hour every day of the next 5 weeks I don't lose those 17 lbs I put back on.

The moral of the story is, once you get in a workout groove, don't get out of your routine for anything because it's tough to get going again.

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