I've got a lot questions about a lot of different things this morning. Maybe you can answer a couple.

Do we need a new law that limits political ads to a shorter period of time?

Do we need some sort of regulatory board that makes sure that everything claimed in political ads is 100% true?

And why can't the candidates just stick to the issues and not assassinating the other character?

Have you seen how stinkin cute my new niece is?!

Do you prefer 9mm or 45?

Is Zimmerman going to open on schedule?

Weather like it is or are you a snow lover?

Are you spending enough time with your folks, if you are lucky enough to still have them?

Are you getting as close as I am to just letting some random speeder/tailgater just have a piece of your mind because so many drivers seem like they in some kind of Indy car race?

And, finally, am I ever going to get a "Hole In One"?

Let me know what you think.


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