I took this photo this morning as it seems symbolic of where we are in relation to political ads. We're currently in darkness, but we can see the light, the end of it, not to far away.

Also, it used to be a rule where they couldn't run political ads on radio or TV on the actual election day. I sure wish we would go back to that. In fact, if we could limit that time period where ads are allowed, that would be great.

For the newspaper, I wish there was a law where they have to put a line down the middle of each page. The "Left"  column gets their say, and then the "Right" would get equal space for their point of view. THEN, we have a board that "fact checks" each article before it can be printed.

When it comes to debates, let's stop having the same few people who lean one way and get to ask all of the questions.

I think I'm like lot of people. I'm just tired. I voted weeks ago. And I just want to hear some ads about erectile disfunction again.

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