Somewhere along the way, an egg-toting, gift-giving rabbit became associated with the Easter holiday. We assume that soon after, sadistic parents decided that it would be fun to make sure any likeness of this generous rabbit should be creepy and frightening so they can take pictures and video of their children being completely freaked out.

Bunnies, in their normal form, are small, cute, bouncy and fluffy with cute little cotton ball tails. But, the Easter Bunny is no regular bunny. For children, the Easter Bunny is not only a source of chocolates and marshmallow Peeps, but also a source of terror. (Like you weren’t scared of a giant walking bunny dressed in human clothes when you were a wee one.) Here are 10 adorable videos featuring kids who are completely freaked out by the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Ruins Brunch

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a nice brunch on Easter. What you don’t want to do is have to use your silverware to defend yourself against large, space-invading rabbits. Poor Noah learned this lesson when the Easter Bunny hopped by his table. Or, perhaps he just wishes he had more bacon.

Easter Bunny Lurking Outside the Car

Young Mikey has to be unceremoniously pulled from the safety of the family station wagon to meet what is clearly not a real rabbit. This should have been everyone’s first clue that Mikey and the Easter Bunny were not going to be fast friends. Mikey let’s them know what’s what.

Easter Bunny In Your Room

No child ever expects there to be a giant rabbit in his or her room. Ever. Why wouldn’t an over-sized woodland creature frighten a little girl? Of course, everything is fine once the Easter Bunny beheads himself and reveals that he’s got her father inside. That’s part of the traditional Easter story, right?

Easter Bunny In the Backyard

Judging by all of the surrounding laughter, this was done only for the adults’ pleasure. We commend this young lad for his screams of terror– this masked madman dressed in fur looks more like a burglar than a bunny. And not only does he look like he’d take all your cash, jewelry and electronics, he’s also trying to steal the women. Baby Shay says you can keep your jelly beans and chocolate eggs. This holiday is over.

Easter Bunny In the Storage Section of the Hardware Store?

The title says it all. The message kids are sending to all parents is, “Is this photo really worth it?” First, where have you taken these children? Of course they’re frightened by a backroom bunny. Second, those are not screams of joy. Third, why does the Easter Bunny look like he’s drunk and homeless and trying to sleep off his hangover on a park bench?

Easter Bunny Next to Mom

This unfortunate child seems to actually be magnetically opposed to the Easter Bunny. No matter how hard his mother tries to get him to sit on the huge-headed bunny’s lap, the child’s body involuntarily contorts itself away from him. Or maybe, just maybe, the kid does not want to be there. Curiously, moments later (after mom canoodles with the beast), the laws of physics right themselves and the kid exchanges some apprehensive “fives” with the freakishly large rabbit.

Easter Bunny at the Mall

Who cares if the boys will sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap? This smart little girl knows that something isn’t right. Everywhere she moves, the bunny’s eyes follow her. And why is that thing so big? Little Sumner is definitely an Easter basket case.

Easter Bunny Outside the Window

In this Easter classic, these two kids are all ready for the Easter Bunny to visit. Later, that is. They are not ready for the Easter Bunny to be creeping around outside their window. Can you blame them for being scared? Maybe once you stop laughing

Easter Gorilla In the Yard

Most of these kids would tell you that there isn’t anything more frightening than the Easter Bunny. We are here to prove them wrong. There is something even more horrifying than a giant, creepy rabbit. The Easter Gorilla. Here’s hoping the parents don’t ruin Christmas with a Santa Clown.

Easter Bunny Gets His

At last the tables are turned and the Easter Bunny gets a little of his own medicine. If he’s going to go around scaring children and sneaking in and out of houses during the night, he has to be prepared for a little payback every once in a while. For some kids, this is the real Easter miracle.

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