The Breakfast Flakes back the blue in our area and so do a lot of our listeners. You showed that when you called in your donations and because of that, we were able to write a check to our local police department for $50,000 to go towards those body cameras that are now being worn by every member of the BPD. (And then another $10,000 to the Laurel PD for their canine unit)

There was an article in the Gazette today talking about the body cams as well as the 102 things that were recommended to be changed in our police department, according to a couple of studies that were done.

I'm not sure if I could change 102 things at my job or not. But god bless Chief St John. I couldn't do his job.

The article also reminded me that we've got another decision coming soon. Are you willing to pay a little more if the safety levy passes? They are asking for $7.1M.

If it passes, we will get 14 new officers and staffers for our police department. And the fire department will get two new mobile response teams, according to the article. The dilemma for many is that once again, we are going back to the property owners to foot the bill. I know we need more cops and firemen. But we have to find another way to pay the bill.

One change to dispatching was made that I liked. Now, not every single call will result in a full department response. The less serious calls will just get the ambulance. This is something my friends who are firemen tell me has been needed for a long time.

Hey chief, if you give me a radar gun, I could pitch in and help your traffic detail.

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