Our next story of Love Gone Wrong proves that you should be on the lookout for "warning signs" before you head out on that blind date.  This listener that we'll call "Allison" ignored a bunch of red flags, which led to a disastrous date!

This is many years ago, about 1975 or so. I was 18 and had just split with my boyfriend, so my dad set me up with a date (first warning bell). He gave me this guy’s number, and told me "he and his mom go to our church (second warning bell). you should call him” My mom was standing in the background with a look that said, “Make your dad happy.”

So I call the guy. He wasn’t too bad sounding on the phone, so I thought maybe it would be okay.  He asked if I would like to go out for dinner on Saturday, I said okay, and then he says asks me to come and pick him up, since he didn’t have a car (yep, third warning bell).

I went to meet him at his house, located in a senior citizens’ park.  Turns out the guy still lived with his mom.  He wanted to go to the Happy Diner for dinner, certainly not my most favorite spot, or a fun spot for anyone ages 18 to 20. This date was doomed before it even started!

So, at the Happy Diner you order right from your table into this little box, As I looked at the menu, he asked me if I was ready to order. I sure was. He buzzed the box and ordered 2 hamburgers, rare, with mustard only, and 2 coffees.  I asked, “That's your order?” Nope, he had ordered for both of us! I like my burgers dead, catsup, pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes (notice no mustard mentioned),  and to top it off, I HATE coffee.

So after we "ate" without much talking, I asked him where he wanted to go.  Movie? Dancing? Bar? (Please! I am so ready for a drink). Nope, he said, "Let's go back to Mom's to sit and talk with her.” So I took him back to his Mommy's house, politely refused a game of canasta or bridge, and went home.

I told my dad I’d never date another match from him again. I changed my clothes. called a girlfriend, went out, and partied hard. To this day, I still refuse to learn how to play bridge or canasta, or to eat mustard!

Geez Allison, we've got to give you credit for even trying in the first place!

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