I've got a buddy in Texas that I talk to every day. I call him "Southern Mark". I am, of course, "Northern Mark".

Recently I was telling him a story about some of the interesting ways that I met a few gals that I dated. He told me to check out the song "100 Girls" by a group called Stroke 9. One part of the lyric is "This is Daisy. This is crazy, She's always telling me that I'm lazy".

Anyway, this got the wheels turning in my brain. Not so much about how I met them but more of whatever happened to them.

So I got to looking them up on Facebook.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

And a little more than half of them are not my friends on there. Now for some, we went out far before the internet came along and they haven't thought about me in years. But a couple of those, well, I know that you're probably still angry.

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But among my "non-FB friends" I started wondering if I could find them.

Part of the problem is that I have forgotten last names. And unfortunately a few first names.

So if you could help me find "Southern Donna", "Club Wholesale Lisa", "Biker Chick Laura", "Kath-Eye", "Angel", or "Bubbles", that would be great.

I told a younger coworker that I had never dated online or used any of the dating apps. Which completely blew her mind. So she asked me how do you meet people. I said "Either you get introduced by a mutual friend. Or, if you can believe this, you walk up and introduce yourself". Crazy, huh?

And please don't bother with "Hey Mark, we have this single friend".

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