I don't have any idea of what the percentage is of people who get a few meals each week from a drive-up window versus how many did back in the 1980s. But the difference seems to be huge to me.

It seems like every time I drive by a Wendy's or McDonald's, they've got cars lined up all the way back to the street. And, I don't know about you folks but order accuracy is pretty good these days. I get exactly what I order almost every time.

Let's talk etiquette. This is just because it's a little pet peeve of mine. Scoot up. I'm so serious. When you've got 10 feet between you and the vehicle in front of you and I'm only three feet from the speaker. Little things, I know.

Another observation is how many people in line in front of me are paying for their six or seven dollar lunches with plastic. I know that lot of younger folks pay with plastic.  I think that it's funny when I pay for my meal in cash and exact change, I never get the kind of reaction that I think I deserve. No confetti, no horns going dut da dahhhhh! No special announcement asking other patrons to "give it up for Mr. Exact Change!"

How long has it been since I've been offered salt and pepper with my drive through order?

I thought about how getting my ketchup for my fries squirted into a little cup instead of in packets was maybe the best part of my childhood. Now it's possible that we will never pour our own sodas again unless somebody is standing right there to wipe the machine down in between each use. We're probably done squirting our own ketchup/Nacho cheese sauce (like Fuddruckers had). Will we get napkin dispensers back at some point? Although they probably hate it, I think the days of the fast food worker not wearing gloves are gone. Which I am a fan of.

Either way, I'm putting on an extra happy face to those I deal with who are having to wear masks and gloves.

Finally, Dear Whoever Is In Charge, when this is all over please keep the booze to go thing going. Thank you.

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