Mike and Kalli Hyde were happy to learn that their 3-year-old son Cash was free of brain cancer for the second time.  Cash went through 30 rounds of radiation and defied the odds after doctors claimed he’d have a 30% chance of survival.  Now he’s slowly returning to normal life, and Mike and Kallie Hyde are claiming that medical cannabis is responsible for young Cash’s survival.

Cannabis oil became a part of Cash’s routine, along with a vegan diet and alkaline-adjusted water.  The Hydes did not give their son any prescription medicines for pain or nausea, because they believe the side effects of those drugs are far worse.  Mike Hyde explained that even though the process is illegal, he was willing do use cannabis to help save his son.

I've had to break state and federal laws just to keep Cashy alive… I know that I'm not a criminal. I know that I saved my son's life, and if I have to go sit in jail for that, that's way better than a pediatric oncology floor.

Cash’s tumor is gone and a celebration is being held in Missoula on Friday, March 30.

Do you think parents should be allowed to administer cannabis to toddlers?  Are the laws in place there for a good reason, or should cannabis be considered a legitimate treatment for young cancer patients like Cash?  Take our survey and let us know what you think!