So, I have a question. All the capacity limits have been lifted for bars and restaurants. Seating capacities can now be achieved. No limitations now on hours of operation. Events are now happening at Metra, for instance, Monster Trucks this weekend. Then why are crowd limits still being put in place for high school basketball tourneys?

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Kids are getting tickets but they are limited to six in some cases. Why hasn't the MHSA lifted those restrictions yet? Everyone can go to the Pizza Ranch after the game but they can't go to the game? Wrestlers can wrestle but can't shake hands? Is this all the science we have learned about Covid? I remember the days of going to district tourneys and only the most vulnerable and sickly people went. If masks work, require that then, but denying family members from this is wrong. All Montana High school athletes will be allowed in the Toby Keith concert too, and ride the buses. Why are people being forced to quarantine when they don't have it? Go figure.

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