So, next week the B Divisionals will be held at Metra. The MHSA is limiting tickets to 500 per team. Fans for each team have to go in different doors and will have barriers so fans cannot go to the other side. What the hell is that! If you want ice cream and are on the wrong side tough crap.

OK, what if I'm team-neutral and haven't decided yet what team I'm for, where do I sit? What if my team is eliminated, am I allowed to move to a different seat? What are the MHSA's rules for those fans going to the Home Improvement Show after the game? Will one team's fans have to go to windows and doors only, and another to lawn care? What about where they stay and where they eat?

This no doubt has been studied and proven by scientists all around the world as the way to have a basketball tourney. Can someone come up with a vaccination for STUPIDITY? See ya Monday at 5.

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