Attention all TV news people, weathermen and women, and other radio people, and the whole bunch of you that think you know what you are talking about.

Drought is a condition, it is not a number or a look.

We are currently in our third year of drought and are nowhere close to being out of it. Everyone has jumped on board this we are in great shape thing. You're full of crap. Just because the mountains have a lot of snow doesn't mean the drought is over for the rest of us.

Billings is again behind normal for the year and also the month. Even if Billings was above normal for the year and month we would still be in a drought. You can have six inches above average and still experience dry conditions. Billings could get 25 inches of precip a year and still be in a drought.

It's the condition of the soil that will let you know if it's dry or not.

Some places in this country get 30-40 inches of precip a year and still experience drought. Timing and temperature also fit into the equation. On a normal year see if your yard and flowers would last if you didn't put 100 inches of water on them all summer. In fact, there have been very few years where we can honestly say that we are not experiencing dry conditions.

So stop with the "we are in great shape so far" BS. We have the early spring green right now but it won't last long without constant rain.

Plus it's a good thing we do or this fire that started on Mailbox Road Tuesday would have been much worse.

Credit: Paul Mushaben
Credit: Paul Mushaben

Put your cigarette up your wet a** so it won't burn the rest of us out.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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