Mask mandates are one thing, but a boss making a medical decision for you and telling you what you should inject into your body is another. The Biden administration will be announcing his party's new vaccination mandates for federal workers today.

The President will sign by executive order a law that requires vaccinations for employees of the executive branch and all contractors who do business with the federal government, highway contractors, etc. to be vaccinated or be fired. We have already seen that from our own school district. United Airlines have also given their employees that same mandate.

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So what if your employer decides that you need to be vaccinated? Would you quit or would you get vaccinated? Here is a question, what if that employee suffers an adverse reaction to the shot is the employer then liable? What if your employer then requires you to eat certain foods for lunch because others may be allergic to that food or you are fired. Can they demand that you lose weight, quit smoking, etc?

I know how people feel about mandatory drug tests, if they're not clean put others around them in jeopardy. Biden has told us along with Fauci that anyone who is vaccinated is protected so take the responsibility to make sure you're safe. Put the responsibility on that person rather than everyone else keeping them safe. If you can't swim don't jump in the deep end don't mandate all pools be 3 feet.

When my employer starts making my medical decisions, I'd be gone too, even if I was vaccinated.

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