Vaccine mandates that went in place on October 15th  are causing people all around America to leave their jobs. Great employees and skilled workers are retiring and leaving in droves. These are great human beings who have dedicated themselves to essential jobs. Health care workers that were on the front lines with co-vid. Policemen and highway patrolmen in Washington are also leaving after years of service because of injection mandates.

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Do you think Southwest Airlines' problem was weather-related? No other airline had those kinds of weather problems and they serve the same airports. Fox Business reported that Delta's new CEO called this vaccine mandate a very blunt instrument. He ditched the vaccine mandate and said accommodations will be made for the unvaccinated instead of threatening employment.

Smart move especially as they try to recover from the last year. People are not going to let a business or boss tell them what to put in their bodies. you have sovereignty over your own body, the decision is yours.

If it came down to that decision for me I would make them fire me that way you might have recourse when this goes to court. I think this is something that will make it to the high court. If they were able to hear a case last week on the legality of cockfighting they sure as hell should take up the issue of vaccine mandates. Rules for new employees are different than for ones already employed people who were hired under a different agreement. No matter what side of the issue you are on we are going to lose a lot of quality people in an already stressed job market.

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