On September 9th President Joe Biden issued an executive order mandating federal employees be vaccinated. According to the order, all employees will be required to show proof of their vaccination status. Employees will no longer have the option of weekly testing showing they don't have covid.

So here's my question. Who is more likely to spread covid? A person who has been vaccinated and is not being tested to show they are not infected? Or the person who has not been vaccinated that can prove with a test they don't have it?  The covid vaccine does two things. Number one it prevents you most of the time from getting seriously ill. Number two it prevents you a high percentage of the time from death from covid. It does not prevent you from getting it and does not prevent you from spreading it.

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So we have vaccinated millions of people who could be spreading it and don't know it because they are not being tested. Then we have millions who are being tested some daily and some weekly who don't have it and cant spread it and they are labeled as the dangerous ones. Are we testing all of our medical workers and others every day to make sure they don't have it?

We created a false sense of security with the vaccinated part of the population and they could actually be making things worse as far as spreading the disease, they are safe from death and serious illness. That's it. Let's see if the police at Facebook block this because it's all true, but it won't fit their narrative.

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