On Saturday's I hit as many estate sales and thrift stores as I can. I'm looking for anything I can resell fairly easily on Craigslist or eBay. My expertise is in mid-century modern furniture and I have a rule that I don't buy anything that I wouldn't want to keep myself... in case I get stuck with the item.

First this awesome Danish style solid wood coffee table which was probably manufactured in the 50's or 60's. It has a joint that needs to be re-glued and some minor touching up but I've seen similar coffee tables on krrb.com and other sites that specialize in mid-century modern furniture in the $275 range. I paid $31.50 at St. Vincent's Thrift Store on Montana Avenue.

Next is this Lane brand record cabinet from the 1960's I found at Montana Rescue Mission thrift store in the Heights for $19.99. It even had the label inside for sorting LP's. I wouldn't have known it was Lane except I found the original label in the bottom. It too needs some touching up but I've seen these on eBay and other sites for between $250 and $350.

Finally is this mid-century modern end table made of solid wood that I found at St. Vincent for just $8.50. A couple of minor touch ups and I should be able to sell it for $50-60 unless I'm real patient then I might be able to get $100.