They say this is the most wonderful time of the year.  It may well be in many ways, but is it wonderful to steal this time of the year?

And does it matter what you steal?

Here's the short version of the story.

One of our coworkers came to work wearing a holiday t-shirt and had her sweater (naughty sweater) over her arm to bring into the office to wear as well.

As she was walking in, a homeless (or at least she thinks he was homeless) guy was right behind her and he walked into the restroom in the lobby of the hotel.

Well to be honest, he may not have been homeless, he could have been just a guy that was talking to himself and doesn't shower or wash his clothes, but she was guessing he was homeless..

Anyway, the sweater apparently fell off her arm, and when she realized it, she was already in the office.

She retraced her steps back to her car and looked for the sweater to no avail.

It dawned on her that not only was the sweater gone,so was the homeless guy that had been following her.

She is bummed about the sweater as it was one of her favorites, and she hopes that if the guy did take it, that it keeps him warm and he gets as much pleasure from it as she does.

The fact that it says naughty on the front, may not fair so well for this guy with the other homeless guys.



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