We are now roughly seven weeks away from election day and people are still confused about where to vote. I talked with Bret Rutherford, the Elections Administrator for the Yellowstone County Elections Office, about the upcoming election. Though some of what will happen is still up in the air, he did say that all ballots will be sent by mail to voters and that there will be no actual polling places open. They are hoping to have the usual drop off locations for ballots, so if you choose to not mail your ballot back in, you can drop it off in person. Those locations are still being finalized and will hopefully be known in the next few weeks.

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You have more than likely received a postcard in the mail from the United States Postal Service talking about planning early to vote by mail.  The postcard is a tad misleading, as the first thing you see, is that says, if you are planning on voting by mail, well here in Yellowstone County, we have no other option this time around than to vote by mail. However, you may hear from other counties in the State that they have polling places open and that is correct according to Mr. Rutherford. It was a local option to do voting by mail or have polling places open. As the election draws closer, we will have follow up information for you about what to expect and where you can drop off your ballot. The ballots will go out in the mail on October 9, 2020, so watch your mailbox and be sure to vote.  As I tell my kids, voting is the one right you truly have as an American and from my seat, it's a duty. If you want to know if you are registered to vote you can check it out here My Voter Page.

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