Some times life gets so busy that I catch myself rushing through my day, my life, and not stopping to smell the roses, so to speak or enjoy a sunset.  I was reminded by my niece, Heather O'Neil Dibblee over the Fourth of July weekend just how peaceful a sunset can be.

I grew up on the Hi-line on an 88 acre farm South East of Havre, MT.

I have seen many sunsets over our reservoir and spent many nights enjoying the quiet and calm of a summer evening on the banks of that reservoir.

The red building in the photo is the actual two room school house I attended from Kindergarten through Eight grade, my dad bought it and moved it to our property when they decided to build a bigger more modern school house several years ago.

I wasn't able to make the trip home to the Hi-line this year to celebrate the Fourth of July, we were dealing with my son's accident.

This was a tough Fourth of July, as this was the first year with out not only my dad, but my nephew and my sister (the 4th is one of my families favorite holidays)

As I look at this picture I smile and drift back to my childhood growing up on our farm and the many fun times I had with my brothers and sisters.

The hard work of raising our huge garden, stacking hay and working with our horses, cows, pigs and other farm animals over the years.

When I moved away from the farm, I thought that I would never miss it, I was so sure that I would not want to come back.

As I grew up and matured, I realized that what I had as a child growing up was priceless.

The open space and freedom to grow and the luxury of having the open Montana sky as the back drop to my life.

I now look forward to going home and sitting on my parents deck and watching the sun set over our reservoir and reminiscing and thanking God for the most beautiful picture he could paint.

What is one of your favorite places to watch the sunset?

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