If you work in an office like we do here at Townsquare Media located at the top of the Crown Plaza in downtown Billings then you can relate to this. There is always someone who brings in donuts or cookies or has a candy jar. While that is great for building goodwill it is terrible for willpower.

My typical day consists of a skinny iced mocha and a couple of eggs in the morning. A sandwich or a wrap stuffed with veggies and cold cuts at lunch and dinner is often some form of a chicken salad (Caesar or Oriental) or a one pot kind of meal full of protein like chili or something you can make in a slow cooker.

Sometimes I'll break down and have a turkey burger with fries or a pizza but that's more the exception than the rule. If I have dessert it's usually a yogurt or an apple with peanut butter. That and an hour per day of cardio exercise is responsible for me losing 28 lbs. since January.

Enter the offending pastry pictured above. This perfectly fresh cinnamon roll leftover from a luncheon was left in our sales area. For the first 3 days it sat there my willpower was intact. On the 4th day I thought "I can just tear a little piece off" so I can enjoy the taste and walk away.

Unfortunately once you've tasted the fruit from the forbidden tree there is no going back. Throughout the day I kept returning to the table the cinnamon roll was sitting on and tore off little pieces as if it was cinnamon jerky. By 6pm it was gone and so was any shred of my self-respect.

As they say though it's better to lose the battle and win the war than the other way around. I ate that a week ago and haven't had another since... and no, the 3 bowls of Captain Crunch with Crunchberry cereal I had yesterday don't count!