Do you know if you are an emotional, social or situational eater?  You might be surprised at the answer when you really start to evaluate your eating habits.

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend an emotional eating class with Dr. Williams at Billings Last Diet.

What an eye opening experience.

First off, I knew I was an emotional eater, hence one of the reasons I called Billings Last Diet a year ago and started on their four phase weight-loss program.

What I didn't know or realize were the several triggers that make me the emotional eater that I am.

I also walked away with a better perspective on how to manage those emotions and make better choices.

The triggers that make me loose perspective when it comes to eating are, stress, boredom, grief and yes some anxiety.

With that list, you are probably thinking, Gallagher you are a mess, you need to get on some meds.

What I have been doing, thanks to what I've learned from Billings Last Diet is to be conscious of the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger and eating because I'm truly hungry and my body needs nourishment.

Do a true check of what kind of an eater you are.

And when you are looking in the pantry or refrigerator for something to curb that suddenly I'm hungry I need something pain, take 5 minutes to evaluate why your hungry (or at least you think you are)




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