• I had not even opened one of my photo albums for a few years until this week. Now I'm not even sure which picture that I was originally looking for. But I ran across this one taken with Grand Ole Opry legend Roy Acuff. This was in 1984. At that time at the Grand Ole Opry you could wander around the back of the stage and "get your picture made" (as they say down south) with any artist who happened to be standing around. And all of the artists were very generous about it.
  • Also this week came the announcement about the limited reopening of our state's economy.
  • On the air, we covered a lot of topics like paintball, hot flashes, and what "debt" means to those north of town.
  • If you haven't seen it yet, on YouTube we have our own channel where we show all of the episodes of "23 Floors With The Flakes."

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