It's finally Friday. So that must mean I look back on my week and recall just how awesome my life is.

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I had some friends in town midweek, so we hit the golf course. Then there were things that I hit like trees, sand, water, and one golf cart.

My friends who were here live in Spokane. I promised to make the trek out there next year. They've got a lot of nice golf courses in their town.

A Country Boy Can Get Married

Hank Williams Jr. got married again this week. And Lainey Wilson got 9 nominations for the upcoming CMA's. You go, girl! I like her a lot.

Social Media

One of my favorite Facebook features is the "snooze for 30 days" option. If somebody is posting too many pictures of things like their family reunion (and you don't know anybody in that family) you can just not hear from them for a month. I could have used the "snooze" feature with a couple of old girlfriends.


Jet's quarterback Aaron Rodgers affects none of us who have retired from fantasy football. But I do miss the debauchery involved with most of the drafts that I was a part of.

Back In My Day

I must be getting old. I saw the performance of "Bongos" by Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion. And I couldn't believe the filth that I was hearing. I remember when we got calls at our radio station when Zac Brown stuck his "ass in the sand".

It's Nearly Flakes Trip Time!

Now it's time to get focused on getting qualified to win the 28th Flakes Trip. You can't win if you don't get signed up.

I'm already going.

A Taste of What a Flakes Trip to Mexico is Really Like

Most Controversial, Iconic and Shocking VMAs Moments

Whether it's a near-nude scandalous style statement or an onstage shade-filled feud, controversy reigns supreme at the VMAs. Below, check out the most shocking and iconic Video Music Awards moments ever!

2023 CMA Awards Nominations Snubs, Ranked

The nine snubs found on this reaction to Thursday's (Sept. 7) 2023 CMA Awards nominations announcement range from "Drat!" to "Aww, come on!" to "You've gotta be freaking kidding!"

Typically we include snubs and surprises, but there was really only one CMA nomination surprise: Lainey Wilson for Entertainer of the Year. Her nine nominations surely exceed her wildest dreams for the November 8 ABC broadcast. This is her year!

As for the group listed below? Well some (we see you, Kane Brown) are used to it, while others got a goose egg with no warning. The last three snubs on this ranked list are particularly egregious. Each one highlights a space where logic should live, but does not.

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