For the love of rain.

This week in Farmer Finishers, it ends on a good note due to the rain that's coming well overdue along with the nap that comes with it on Saturday.

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One lost grizzly.

Earlier in the week we had a story about the grizzly bear that was spotted in Mosby. I don't know if you have ever been through Mosby but I have and I got to tell you that is one lost grizzly bear. Not the average grizzly habitat, it would be interesting to find out how that bear got there.

More crime.

Another shooting yesterday downtown, but all in all we have been doing pretty well over the last month.

MetraPark review.

We reviewed the MetraPark yearly budget numbers this week and they received $3.6 million dollars in tax money and made $1.2 million in profit That means we really lost about $2.5 million. I did an interesting approach to a gentleman's comments this morning on why we need to subsidies just that recreational business in town. I'm sure it will be on the podcast and you should give it a listen.

Upcoming significant days.

This weekend is the first day of Fall and Monday is National Daughter's Day. I know every day I am so thankful for my daughters. I love my sons but my girls are special. I've been through some tough days in my life and my girls are the ones that got me through it. There is a special place in heaven for girls like these and yours as well, so let them know how much it means to you to call them your daughter. I'm one proud pops.

Have a good weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

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