I want to thank so many individuals and organizations that help make Flakesgiving happen every year. Thanks to the staff at Metrapark for allowing us the use of their parking lots. Chris White with Albertsons, who organizes, donates AND works in the truck every year.

Thanks to everybody who donated money. Thanks to Kymm Stark who also donated, worked the event, and then supplied bottled water to us and the end of the day Saturday.

We had a group from the Rocky Mountain College P.A program that helped Saturday. They also did some dancing.

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We had great weather on both days. And because we did the event as a drive-through this year, I got to see a lot of kids in car seats. Although I've always enjoyed this event, seeing so many kids whose families were getting meals made me happy.

What will Flakesgiving look like in 2021? We have no idea right now. We just know that it will happen.

On a sad note, two of our longest-serving volunteers have worked their last Flakesgiving. Ken and Rosemary Quinley are retired and moving to Florida. I couldn't tell you when they started working with us, but I know that it's been a very long time. And we will miss them. So much of our job is about the people that you meet along the way, especially with an event the size of ours, the number is important too. Now we will have two fewer "rock star" people to help.

Paul and I are taking a few days off this week. Again, Thanks.

The photo is of a trinket that fell into a vehicle that was getting loaded with meals for delivery. It's here at the radio station if you'd like to claim it.

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