The Metra is a great facility, so don't take this as a complaint so much as a note in the suggestion box.

I took the kid out to MontanaFair on Saturday night and had to park in the upper lot above the arena. I didn't mind the walk considering I've been to lots of fairs with much less to offer where you drop 10 bucks to park in a field somewhere.

After about seven hours at the fair, we were exhausted and ready to head home. My daughter and I made our way to the parking lot and started to look for the "Elk" section where I thought we would find the car. We found the elk, but no car. OK, maybe it wasn't an elk. A caribou perhaps? No luck.

The moose? Nothing. By the time we found the car, I didn't even bother to see which silhouette we had actually parked near. I wouldn't even mention this, but there were several people wandering around the parking lot holding their key fobs in the air, angrily and repeatedly pressing the buttons. I also heard similar discussions: "It was the bear! Where is the damn bear?"

Perhaps a nice supplement to the animal silhouettes would be something more familiar, like, say the letters of the alphabet. Not only would they be perhaps easier to remember, but they would also provide clues as to were you should walk. You're in section D? I bet that's between C and E.

Once again, not a complaint. Just a suggestion.

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