It's been a hectic week and it's going to get busier as the week goes on.

Many of you know that my son Jake is getting married this weekend.

Credit: Townsquare Media
Credit: Townsquare Media

This is my second wedding in eight months as Maddy got married last October. So trying to get some of these things done at the ranch have only added to the busyness of the week.

Cattle, spraying, people coming and going, it's going to be hectic but it will be nice to see everyone again.

Credit: Paul Mushaben, Mushaben Ranch
Credit: Paul Mushaben,
Mushaben Ranch

Wedding planning and traditions have sure changed a lot, with this one having ten bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Jake always said that when he got married he wanted all his best friends in it and he didn't want to leave any of them out. So he has ten and his fiancée had to come up with ten as well. Holy cow the wedding procession will take 20 minutes just to get everyone down the aisle! But that's ok, it's their day and they can do what they want.

It will be a short celebration for both of them as they have to get back to their respective hospitals for the last years of their residency.

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For me, this whole ordeal increases the chances of grand kids which I'm all for. So it's a week of suits and ties, good clothes, timed schedules, photos, be here for this and be there for that, and rushing from one place to the next.

Your wedding day is one of the most exhausting yet memorable days that a couple will ever have together. Hopefully, they will have the next 60 years to rest up.

Mark and I will be back in the studio after Memorial Day.

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