We're a couple of days past Valentine's Day and odds are we have quite a few couples thinking about taking that big leap into matrimony.  Now it's time to start looking at the reality of what a wedding in Montana costs.

First off, I know that's a question that can't be answered as if I was talking about the cost of an electric blanket at WalMart, but I am hoping to get enough comments so we can look at an a ballpark figure.  I looked at many sources of state-by-state wedding costs and the only thing consistent was that Montana is one of the lowest cost states to be wed.  Most data I saw had Montana in the low 20,000 dollar range.  Would you agree that is about average?

The truth is, if you have the means to have a million dollar wedding I am quite certain there are many businesses who will happily let you spend that much.  At the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of court house matrimonies that didn't cost much more than the paperwork.

If you have any recommendations for the newly engaged as far as price, businesses or something that made your wedding special, feel free to share.  Also, do you think somewhere around $20,000 would be about average?  I mean, even if you decided to have something much cheaper or much more expensive, you probably did a lot of shopping around so if you got married in the last 5 years,  you probably know if that number sounds close.

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