As I continually get more and more sickened by all of the political advertisements that I see on Television and hear on the radio, I have a couple of thoughts.

First, some years ago there was apparently a law on the books in Montana where no political ads could run on an election day. Then it changed back to where they could again. I would like to see it go back to NO political ads running on the actual election day. I don't think our future should be determined by somebody who makes a really slick commercial that gets heard on the way to the polling place.

Secondly, I think that it's time that we change the actual ads themselves. On our station we've been running an attack ad with false information in it that the people who are running the ad have apologized for, but they keep running the same ad. So, in the future, we make the politicians be in the ads together. And these ads would all be 60 seconds long.

For example, Ryan Zinke vs. Denise Juneau to be the Montana representative in the house. The ad starts with Zinke making his claims. The Juneau would get to dispute whatever he just said. Both would get exactly 30 of the 60 seconds to say their piece.

Now when there is a THIRD candidate, like we have this time with Independent Rick Breckenridge, all candidates would then get 20 seconds apiece.

This assures complete fairness and no candidate could spend any more money than whoever has the smallest war chest.

And this, my friends would mean less annoying ads for all of us.