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  • I visited my home town of Great Falls last weekend. I was having coffee with my mom and reminiscing about the good old days when I was growing up there. We mostly rented places when I was growing up, but we did buy one house on Riverview. I can't remember what she said that she paid for it, but I know that she sold it in 1973 for $13,000.00. now has it's estimated value at a little over $160,000.
  • We had our get together for the folks joining us on the Flakes Trip Tuesday night at the Stadium Club. That gave us a chance to meet some new friends and answer questions about where we are going in Mexico. Connie and Deanna look like trouble.
  • Our new governor rescinded most of the mandates from the previous governor. And I hear more people wanting things opened back up than not.
  • On the air this week, it was Trump's impeachment, low new Covid-19 infections in Montana, and a new Flakes sponsored event, "Restaurant Possible," which designed to help some small restaurants in Billings, and you could end up winning quite a bit of money.
  • For the list of participating restaurants, click here. While you're there, check out some five-year-old pictures of me and Paul.
  • We found out that Chick-fil-A and Firehouse Subs are coming to Billings in the near future.
  • And we have learned that Billings people will rush out to wait in long lines when new restaurants open up here.
  • I'll be somewhere where there are no lines.

Have a great weekend.

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