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I saw a picture on Facebook this morning of the portobello and mozzarella pasta from Enzo's here in Billings. It looked fabulous. And it occurred to me that I've never been in there for a meal. There's no particular reason. I just haven't eaten there.

I think most people are creatures of habit with restaurants. For instance, do you get pizza from a different pizza joint every time you want pizza? Me neither. I have four pizza places that I rotate.

I live in the heights so I rarely venture to the west end unless I'm meeting friends out there for some special occasion. If I'm going to spend a little more cash for a meal then I make sure that we go someplace where I know exactly what I'm going to order and know that it will be delicious. I'm not as picky of an eater as I once was, but I tend to order the same menu item every time:

  • Famous Filet at Montana's Rib And Chop House
  • Wing Zings at CJ's
  • Crab Cake Portabellas at The Montana Club

I'm getting hungry.

My fast food rotation is also two or three places. I know what I like at those places, so that's where I go. But places like Bistecca At The Granary, Julianos, TEN At The Northern have never seen my face.

The exception to my rule is apparently golf courses. I'll go out of my way to play a different course as often as possible. I've played eight courses so far this year with the plan to add about another half dozen before the summer is over.

I had not been to Kings Hat for a couple of years because I try not to eat bread, but a couple of weeks ago I spoiled myself with a couple of pizza burgers and a Diet Vanilla Coke. Worth it!

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