Young country star Scotty McCreery has been pitching for his hometown Garner High School Trojans this season after taking a break during the post-’Idol’ whirlwind. The kid with the incredible voice and equally intimidating arm pitched his first game of the season on March 10 and started as pitcher for his second varsity game last Thursday. However, the ‘Trouble With Girls’ singer faced a scary moment when a ball came back and hit him just where a singer never wants to be hit — the throat.

According to Raleigh, N.C.’s News Observer, McCreery pitched a great game that ended in a Trojans’ 3-2 loss against East Wake. The ‘Idol’ star pitched the first four 1-3 innings and then left when his team was up 2-1. During his time on the mound, he struck out six, had no walks and only allowed seven total hits.

It was in the third inning, however, that McCreery took a ball straight to the throat when a one-hopper jumped up and popped him. Still, the singer can thankfully say that he avoided an injury, and he was also able to grab the ball and throw out the player who hit it.

Of his pitching ability, the singer’s coach, Derik Goffena, says, “He has been throwing very well and will continue to help our rotation. He took a grounder to the chin, but is OK. Scared him more than anything.” And while McCreery may have been a little surprised by the hit, we’re guessing any of his fans in the stands were equally as concerned since he has a future career riding on his voice.

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