Good riddance.

Well, I have been broken up with before. Many times. Some hurt more than others...and generally, she's ranting and raving about things that I don't understand. This appears to be the case with Maren Morris quitting country music. She also hopes to "burn it down" and places a large part of the blame on the "Trump years".

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Dear "Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs", I didn't realize that our former president put any music out that would affect your life.

Nothing to cry over.

I like some of her songs, but country radio will go on with her. Although,you won't hear anything of hers on our show between 5:00 & 10:00 a.m. After ten, I don't control anything, so you may hear her occasionally later in the day.

Women in country music.

No other genre of music has tried so hard to get more airplay for females than country radio. I will continue to play all the other females, but not her.

And by "quitting country music", I can only assume that she won't be performing any of the country hits that got her career started. And certainly not still cashing those royalty checks that made you all of that money.

Do it right.

Taylor Swift left country music, but she did it the right way. She wanted to make a more mainstream sound. This brought a lot of her country music-based fans along with her. She also donated 4 million dollars to the Country Music Hall Of Fame on her way out the door.

Nobody missed the Dixie Chicks on country radio. Nobody will miss you.

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