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Tell Us About Your Famous Friends
Tomorrow morning on our show I'll tell the story about one of the writers of Elvis's "Heartbreak Hotel" being friends with my dad. That got me thinking about my famous friends. I don't have any.
An Open Letter to Jennifer Nettles
Dear Jennifer Nettles,
Please come back to country radio. I watched your concert on AXS TV over the weekend. I turned you up to sing to me while I was barbecuing.
I enjoyed several songs that I hadn't heard before and loved it when you finally got around to "Baby Girl...
Songs Stuck in Your Head and Tom T Hall
"Cotton was short and the weeds were tall. Mr Roosevelt is gonna save us all." Tom T. Hall sang to me over and over again yesterday while I was mowing.
Have you gotten part of a song stuck in your head lately? I just kept hearing those lines play over and over again...
Country Albums Survey
On my Facebook page, I've been participating in the "Ten Day Album Challenge". For my favorite album, I've selected my dad's album "My Turn To Sing".
As I've given all of music some thought, it seems like I don't have many country albums th…
New Songs
There are so many new country songs coming out; I don't know which one to hate the most. Even some of the established artists are trying their luck at the new sound. They can take more of a risk than new artists, but still some of this stuff is terrible...

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