Scotty McCreery‘s ‘Water Tower Town’ video is his visual celebration of the sights, scenes and sounds of his hometown of Garner, North Carolina. It’s a candid and true look at small town America, and we see the singer signing autographs, meeting fans and just having a good time with his fellow Garnerians. Despite his fame and fortune — which came with winning Season 10 of ‘American Idol’ — Scotty is still the same kid he was before he took the crown.

The vid is a montage of clips from the recent high school graduate’s “new” and “old” lives. Fans are shown holding signs and professing their love for him. He’s also meeting and greeting, shaking hands and being an approachable superstar. It’s essentially a love fest between McCreery and the place he calls home.

There’s footage of firefighters, friends and fans, and the ‘Water Tower Town’ video effectively doubles as a commercial for the inviting and beautiful town of Garner. It looks like the type of place you’d want to raise a family and enjoy your life.

The video is also like a yearbook of clips, in addition to being a warm and fuzzy ode to the place where Mr. ‘I Love You This Big’ hangs his hat and rests his head.

There’s no place like home! You can take the boy out of Garner, but he’ll always, always come back.

Watch the Scotty McCreery ‘Water Tower Town’ Video

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