It's no secret that technology is overtaking the world. There are very few things that I cannot do with my phone and those particular things I would rather not do with my phone. Just use your imagination on that one.

I remember as a kid how we would get the newspaper delivered to our house every day. Between that and our three television channels, that is how we knew what was going on in the world.

Heck, when I first started in radio when I was 15, we didn't have Internet in the entire building. When it was finally installed on one community computer, the entire staff went crazy because we had arrived into the future.

None of us ever thought we would see the day that with a touch of a finger we could communicate online with our social community, check our bank accounts, order food, play games and get instant notifications on breaking news.

That was in 1995 and now in 2017 I can get that and so much more on my phone. I don't even know why we call them phones anymore because using the phone on it is the least thing I do with this device.

These days my family and I get the Sunday paper for one reason and one reason only. Coupons. The funny thing is, I can get those on my phone as well.

So what's it for you my friends in Billings? What do you use more, that app on your phone or do you still receive the paper?

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