One of the reasons I bought the house that I bought is its location. It's outside the city limits, yet only five minutes from Walmart and McDonalds. So, when I heard about the bypass, I thought about how it probably will make our area noisier. But, when it's completed, our neighborhood is going to have interstate access. Ho long it takes to get to the interstate now is pretty lengthy. You can either backtrack through Ballentine and hit it there or get on at the Lockwood ramps. But that can take anywhere from 15 -30 minutes depending on traffic, accidents, or part of main street sinking in and taking three lanes down to just one.

I don't know how to build roads, so it's been kind of interesting to watch the day to day progress. I watched them go from cornfield to graded path to a brand new road with stripes and our very own roundabout.

But on Dover, which the new bypass intersects, they put up a couple of posts last week. I thought, "Please don't be stop signs, don't be stop signs." Bad news. We've got some shiny new stop signs.

So, I snapped a picture over the weekend. Do you need stop signs when your main road isn't open yet? Actually, I've heard that they do this so everybody who regularly uses this road gets used to having stop signs in a spot where they've never been before, and I understand that.

If you ever get out our way, remember to look out for the stop signs.

Also, speaking of Dover Road, a shout out to the couple who were making out under the stars Saturday night. Next time you might pick a spot that doesn't get quite so much traffic.

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