The latest proposal from Democrats coming down the road is student loan forgiveness. What the hell is that? Chuck Schumer is proposing up to $50,000 in free money for college kids. What is happening to our country?

These students entered into a financial contract to help pay for something they chose to pursue. In return for the service provided, they will make monthly installments with interest after school. Why do all the rest of us have to pay their loan and interest off for them? We all have loans and we know what is required when you borrow money. What about all of us who sacrificed for our own children? I took on the responsibility for my children's educations. I have spent over $400,000 on tuition, books, living expenses and paid every damn dime except for some scholarship help. I have worked my ass off doing this and my body has the scars to prove it. Aches and pains, headaches, 6 hours of sleep for almost 40 years, going without for the benefit of the kids. Will we be reimbursed? Hell no.

You're one of those lucky people who don't know what it's like. This country is broken and fiscally irresponsible. You're making guys like me ready to give up all hope. I sure hope history remembers what you liberals did to a once-great nation. You have made our fixable problems unfixable. I hope my children bury me face down, so when I die from trying to make it on my own, these people who ruined America can all kiss my ass. Sorry, and I don't know if I'll be back tomorrow at 5.

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