The Only Solicitation I Can Support
Most of us have been dealing with a nightly knock on the door from solicitors that want to discuss the election and find out who we're voting for. Almost on cue, the door bell rings around 6:30pm every evening. So when I went to answer the door last night, I assumed it would be the same routi…
Pups In The Park
Tonight at the Mustang game you can bring your dog to the ballpark. Maybe some day city officials will let our little league use it to for their special championships too. If we have a day for the dogs, we should be able to have a day for the kids to play baseball there...
Dream Game
If you could attend any professional sports game, which one would you pick?
Feel free to give the location as well. (Like, "I want to see the Broncos play at Invesco Field").
I'm fortunate that I've see baseball games in Seattle, Denver & Miami. I'...

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