I don't know what you were doing 32 years ago today, but I know I was shocked by the news that swept across the nation. It was the headline story on every major news network. The headlines in the papers used bold print like they use to during historical tragedies. The issue is still talked about today. "Bart Giamatti bans Pete Rose for life from baseball."

It was a gambling issue that he said tied Rose to gambling on baseball games. Rose vehemently denied those claims. His ban for life included not being eligible for the Hall of Fame would not even raise an eyebrow today. Some of the most celebrated athletes today have a laundry list of indiscretions that would make Rose look like a choir boy.

I was always a fan of how he played the game. In fact, when I played for 11 years, my nickname was "Charlie Hustle." I slid headfirst and always ran to first after a walk. My dad's secretary handled all of Rose's fan mail, so I have a lot of Rose memorabilia. The all-time hits leader should be in the Hall based on merit: plain and simple.

When I think of things that athletes from other sports have done and are still in the hall and celebrated, then Rose should be a shoo-in. Even our politicians, who have done horrible things, have libraries, bridges, roads and everything else that honors them. Pete rose had 4,296 career hits while playing the game, broke Ty Cobb's record, who was the first person elected to the hall. If Giamatti would have been commissioner when he was elected, Cobb would have got the electric chair. Put him in before he dies, his achievements warrant it.

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