They're On Their Own Now
I was wrong when I thought it would be great when the kids were on their own. However, I am overjoyed that the cows and bulls are now on their own for the summer.
Don't Buy the Rhetoric
Can anyone tell me how much the price of tractors and combines went down between 2010 and 2017? The answer would be none. They all went up substantially and no tariffs.
The Tester Challenge
Last year, Jon Tester challenged anyone in the media to try to keep up with him for a day. Okay, I'll take the challenge, and I challenge Jon Tester to keep up with me for a day.
It's Not Tariffs
There are a lot of farmers out there that are now saying they can't make it because of tariffs. That's not true. Your problems did not start 2 weeks ago when the President announced them. it takes longer than 2 weeks to get yourself in financial trouble...
Hay Everybody!
It's funny how mother nature works. After the winter from hell, we are blessed with the best hay crops we have ever seen. I've never seen dry land hay like this before. I hope all of you can replenish your supply this year, and remember sometimes bad things come in 2's...
My Therapy
I find that whenever I just want a break from the everyday trials and tribulations, fencing does that for me. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to get some therapy. Sunny, warm, just me and the outdoors. Doesn't get any better than that...
Topics Of Conversation
I took this photo out at Paul's the other day after we were done moving cows. We were just parked, checking out gopher holes and green grass, and talking about how fuel injection is maybe the greatest thing that's ever happened to the auto industry...
Can You Help A Farmer Out?
Every morning the Farmer gets to pick a song on the show.
This morning he announced that he was going to invoke the power of music to bring moisture to the area. If you recall it was last May that Paul chose a few rain songs and on May 19th, the rain god had heard enough and granted us with some subs…